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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Elephants and Winterfair

Elephant sketches I've done that time, rare moments...esp. watching someone's green tea got snatched by the elephant XD

Elephant's butts...Cute aren't they?

Sketches from Royal Winterfair. Stupid Llama finally stayed long enough for me to get that drawing.

Watercolors done @ the Royal Winterfair. Gotta love those pigs, who stayed still long enough for all of us to paint, and the pumpkin's just a something other than animals. I need more contrast -___-

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  • At 2:43 AM , Blogger Tune said...

    Hey! Love the butt too! Funny "mengenai saya"nya! So, I'll definitely check your blog quite often, commenting here and there, hope you don't mind. =) N kalo bored, check mine too.


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